Leadership Development

The pioneering work of the AHRD founders Late Dr. Udai Pareekh, Prof.T V Rao, in the field of HRD and OD in India enables us to utilise a repertoire of psychological tests, questionnaires, self-evaluation tests, projective techniques for diagnosing and developing human resources. These instruments have been used by organisations in different countries, including the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Ireland, Canada and USA. The experience from diverse users, have widened the scope and application of these instruments with minor adaptations for different cultural settings. 

Our unique advantages offer access to:

  • A range of instruments for building team effectiveness in organisations.
  • Added information on ‘reliability and validity’ in several instruments.
We offer consulting in following areas:

1. Designing Human Resource management and development systems for start up’s and organisations on a renewal mode
2. Strategic alignment of Human resource functions in line with Business Goals- Recruitment –Selection systems, performance management systems, reward systems etc.
3. Advanced HRD interventions like competency mapping, skilling and assessment centre , HRD Audit etc.
4. Psychometric testing and counselling for performance enhancement and growth
5. 360DF survey and counselling for leadership development
6. HR systems and software, diagnostic surveys, employee surveys, multi-rater assessments, etc.
7. Enhancing culture building and employee engagement
8. Enhancing organisational readiness for innovation and change
9. Coaching for Leaders, senior managers and first time managers
10. Developing Mentors and building OCTAPACE culture
11. Research based OD interventions/ Transformational approaches

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