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Module # Module Title
1 Training needs assessment – Diagnostic Study
2 Faculty Development Program for HR teachers
3 Strategic Human Resource Management
4 HRM for non HR professionals
5 Redesigning HR policies
6 Consulting Skills for HR professionals (Strategic Business Partners)
7 Designing PMS for high performance
8 Performance Management and Coaching
9 Program on Building Values, Culture and Leadership
10 Appreciative Inquiry for Organizational Change
11 Appreciative Inquiry for Organizational Change Leadership
12 Coaching and Mentoring Skills
13 Becoming Team-Player and Team-Leader
14 Managerial Skills for First Level Managers
15 Human Process Laboratory for Behavioral Skills
16 Cross Functional Team Effectiveness
17 Behavioral Event Interviewing Skills
18 People Management Skills for Middle Management
19 Self Development Workshop
20 HR in Board Room
21 HR Issues in Mergers and Acquisition
22 Entrepreneur becoming professional leader (Young Professionals)
23 Diversity – Cultural Imperatives and Engagement Strategies
24 Women Empowerment
25 Stress Audit and Executive Health
26 Learning Psychometrics for Selection, Potential Assessment, Team-Player and Leadership traits
27 Organizational Climate Survey – Diagnostic Study
28 Professionalizing Sales Field force
29 OD Interventions