Developing HRD Professionals and enhancing HRD professionalism

First Round Table Conference on “Career Planning and Promotion Policies”, sponsored by SAIL.

Second Round Table Conference on "HRD Implication of Business Restructuring", in association with Delhi Management Association

Third Round Table Conference on "Executive Performance Appraisal Systems"

Fourth Round Table Conference on “Internal communication in HRD”.

Fifth Round Table Conference on “HRD for workers and support staff”, sponsored by SAMTEL.

Sixth Round Table Conference on “Transparency in NGOs".


The Academy membership is now open to organizations, individual HRD professionals, HRD students and all other managers and professionals who are keen to learn about HRD and apply it in their work and life. The membership with the Academy will be a catalyst for staying in touch with the field and contribute to the field of HRD by sharing experiences in various forums/publications.


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