Developing HRD Professionals and enhancing HRD professionalism

Course CodeCourse Title
1Enhancing Managerial Effectiveness through Self-Awareness
2Mentoring, Coaching and Counseling for Personal and Performance Effectiveness
3Emotional Intelligence and Interpersonal Skills
4Leadership Skill through Emotional Competence
5Interpersonal Effectiveness through Communication Skills
6Interpersonal Effectiveness
7Beyond Coping – Thriving Under Stress in the Workplace
8Team Effectiveness through Modified Personality Type Indicator (MPTI)
9Managing Human Relations in Organizations
10Personal Effectiveness Module for HR Professionals
11Organizational Culture and Change Management
12Appreciative Coaching
13Appreciative Inquiry for Organizational Change
14Learning Instruments in HRD & OD
15Executive Competency Assessment and Development
16Personal Growth LAB – I , II and III
17Personal Growth for Effective Leadership
18Negotiations – The Art of Win-Win Deal Making
Course CodeCourse Title
19Teamwork Competency for High Performance
20HRD Audit – Leading to Internal Auditor Certification
21Managing the Training Function
22Leadership Competency for Star Performance
23Performance Improvement and Management: Creating Strategy and Processes
24Reward Management – Design and Execution
25Effective Trade Union Management
26Talent Management for HR Professionals
27Leadership Development Program
28Competency Based Interviewing Skills
29HR Measurement for HR Executives
30Strategic Human Resource Management for Business Leadership
31Creativity, Innovation and Problem Solving
32Excellence in Managing Services : HR Agenda & Strategy
33Creative HRM for Corporate Excellence
34Mergers and Acquisitions: People Issues and HR Challenges
35Leadership and Organizational Development
36Human Resource for Sustainable Competitive Advantage
Course CodeCourse Title
37Leadership Skills
38Communication Skills for Managers
39Effective Presentation Skills
40Communication and Management Skills
41Leadership for Women Managers
42Social Networking for Managerial Effectiveness
43Simulation based Project Management
44Research Methodology for HR Professional
45Corporate Social Responsibility
46Developing Delegation of Power (DoP) skills for Enhancing Professional Competence
47Instructional Design Workshop for Trainers / Training of Trainers
48ZeNLP – The Power to Succeed
49Planning for Retirement
50Leading Teams for Synergy / Team Building and Conflict Management
51Building High Performing Team
52Program for the Physically Challenged Employees
53Sharpen Your Saw
54Value Addition
55Becoming Effective Team Player and Team Leader
55Manipal Centre for Business Practice (MCBP)


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